1. Emotional Disturbances

Excessive mental tension, confusion of mind, depression, suspicious, easily changable mood, lack of concentration etc.

2. Psychological Problems

Illusions, delusions, hallucination, phobias (fears), destructiveness, quarrelsome nature, suicidal tendency, sleeplessness etc.

3. Problems of the Teens

Lack of confidence, examination funk, loss of voice in public, fear of opposite sex, sweating of palms & soles, lack of concentration in studies, craving for tobacco, alcohol & narcotics, aimless wandering, upsetting the house hold etc.

4. Cosmetic Problems

Pimples, acne, blackheads, pigmentations, black marks of old scars, chicken pox, scabies, etc. Brittle nails, teeth decay, frequent supporation of ring hole in the ear lobe, prickly heat etc.

5. Paediatric Problems

Dentition problems, nervous irritabilities, thrush, prophylaxis against epidemics, digestive disorders, nappy rash etc.

6. Gynaecological Disorders

Uterine fibroids, ovariancyst, irregular periods, primary amenorrhoea (absence of menses) in youngadults, uterine displacements, leucorrhoea, mammary tumors, fissured nipples of nursing mothers etc.

7. Menopausal disturbances

Hot flushes, stress, osteoporosis (brittle bones), joint pains, haemorrhage, mental tension etc.

8. Surgical Cases

Prolapse of rectum & uterus, anal fistula, haemorrhoids, inguinal hernia, undesented testes, phimosis, varicose veins, varicocele, tonsillitis & adenoids, gallstone, renal & parotid calculus, nasal polyp, ganglion, etc.

9. Gastric Ailments

Recurrent boils inside the mouth, hyperacidity, indigestion, food allergies, flatulence, chronic amoebiasis, sour eructation & heart burn, gastric problems of painters (due to lead poisoning from the paints).

10. Diseases of the Brain & Nervous system

Neuralgias (nerve pains), epilepsy, meningitis etc.

11. Problems of Men

Want of power, oligospermia (reduced sperm count), prostatitis, inguinal hernia, varicocele etc.

12. Diseases of the Bones & joints

Decalcification of bones, osteoporosis, exostosis (elongation or excessive growth) of long bones, arthritis etc.

13. Geriatric Problems

Pains & aches, forsaken feeling, sleeplessness, mental tension, palpitation etc.

14. Diseases of Ear, Nose, Throat, Eye etc

Otalgia (pain) & otorrhoea (oozing), blockage of ears, allergic rhinitis, nasal septal problems, polypus, hoarsness of professional singers & speakers, tonsillitis, dimness of vision, recurrent styes, detatched retina etc.

15. Allergies

Allergies to climate, foodstuffs, cosmetics, dust, drugs, pollen etc.

16. Treatment of Pets

Symptomatic treatment of pets, according to the observable symptoms.

17. De-addiction Therapy

De-addiction Therapy for alcoholics & tobacco users.

18. Renal Disorders

Problems relating to the kidneys & urinary system.

19. Bacterial & Viral Infections

Common infections & fevers, including the epidemics. Prophylactics available for measles, mumps, chicken-pox, jaundice, dengue fever, whooping cough, cholera etc.

20. Travelling Sickness

Sickness due to travelling in car, sea & air sicknesses.