Chikun Guinea is an Arbo Virus infection charecterized by a high fever that begins abruptly , muscle ache , a rash & pain in the joints .It is transmitted by the bite of a mosquito of Aedes genus & occures mainly in Africa ,Asia & some of the Pecific Islands, including Guam . The fever may last for a week , then rise again after a remission of several days . Pain in the joint may continue after other symptoms have ceased .
The Aedes mosquito is prevalant in tropical & subtropical regions . Its several species are capable of transmitting pathogenic organisms to humans , including Chickun Guinea , Dengue , Equine Encephalitis , St'Louis Encephalitis , Tularemia & Yellow Fever .

Arbo Viruses are Arthropode - borne & are more than 300 in number . They cause infections charecterised by 2 or more of the following - Fever , Rash , Encephalitis & Bleeding into the viscera or skin . Chickun guinea , Dengue , Yello Fever & Equine Encephalitis are the common Arbo Virus infections .
Prophylactics as well as effective treatment are provided with Homoeopathy . It is better to take the preventive medicines every year , which will give immunity towards these health hazards .

Dengue is an acute Arbo Virus infection transmitted to human by the Aedes mosquito & occuring in tropic & sub tropic regions . The disease usually produces a triad of symptoms -- fever , Rash & severe head , back & muscle pains . Manifestations of Dengue usually occur in 2 phases , separated by a day of remission . In the first attack, the patient experiences fever , extreme weakness , headache , sore throat ,muscle pains & oedema of hand & feet . The second attack is marked by a return of fever & by a bright red scarletiniform rash . Dengue is a self-limited illness , though it may take several weeks to recover . Also called Aden Fever , Bouquet Fever , Breakbone Fever , Dandy fever , Solar Fever , etc .
A grave form of Dengue fever is Dengue Haemorrhagic fever Shock Syndrom . It is characterized by shock with collapse or prostration ,cold clammy extremities , a weak thready pulse , respiratory distress & all other synptoms of Dengue Fever. Haemorrhage, bruise , small reddish spots indicating bleeding from blood capillaries & bloody vomit , urine & feces may occur & end in circulatory collapse .

Prophylactics & effective treatment are available in Homoeopathy .

It is better to take preventive medicines as a rutien everey year which will assure you

immunity towards the epidemics .