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Homoeopathic physician provides curative homoeopathic treatment service.  
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  Pattoli Market P.O, Velanchira, Edachanda,
Alleppey(Dist), Kerala, India-690 531
Ph : +91 479-2431066, mob: +91 9446857767
Email: drminiunnikrishnan@gmail.com

Homoeopathy, the healing art, restores the sick to health, in a rapid, gentle and permanent way and is based on easily comprehensible principles. It can cure almost all ailments, in the natural way & without any side effect. Homoeopathic physician provides curative homoeopathic treatment service.

This Hahnemannian Science is a friendly one to human race. It gives prior importance to the ‘suffering individual as a whole’ than to the disease or to the diseased organ alone.

Homoeopathic medicines are prepared from minerals ( Ferrum Met , Sulphur, etc ), plants (Cinchona , Arnica, etc ) , animals (Apis mel, Lachesis, etc ), disease products (Syphylinum, Hydrophobinum ,etc ) healthy animal tissues & secretions (Thyroidinum ,  Adrenaline , etc ) & immaterial elements or energies ( X-ray , Sun's ray , etc ).  

Every article of food, which has some medicinal virtue, is capable of making variations in the original condition of the patient.. As coffee is a commonly used beverage & coffea cruda is a medicine prepared from coffee, it is advised to abstain from using coffee while taking Homoeopathic medicine.   
Dr. Mini Unnikrishnan D.H.M.S is practicing since 1987, studied in A.N.S.S.H.M.C, Kurichy, Kottayam, Kerala, India. She is a true homoeopath, has thousands of patients within as well as outside India. She runs her clinic at Pattoli Market, which is a village, 6 kms from Kayamkulam.

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