Homoeopathy, the healing art, restores the sick to health, in a rapid, gentle & permanent way and is based on easily comprehensible principles. It can cure almost all ailments, in the natural way & without any side effect. This Hahnemannian Science is a friendly one to human race. It gives prior importance to the 'suffering individual as a whole' than to the disease or to the diseased organ alone. While translating Dr. William Cullen's "A Treatise On Materia Medica", Hahnemann came across the statement that "Quinine" is capable of curing Malaria due to its astringent quality. As there are more powerful astringents, which won't cure malaria, Hahnemann decided to investigate it, by taking quinine himself for several days. He realised the gradual development of malaria-like symptoms on his body, without having the disease! He recorded the signs & symptoms he experienced, in detail, confirmed it by repetition on himself & some selected persons, thus coming in the conclusion that the curative power of quinine is not the astringent quality but its power to produce malaria-like symptoms on healthy human beings. This gave birth to Homoeopathy, meaning 'similar sufferings'.(In Greek, Homoeo means 'similar' & Pathos means 'sufferings').

Homoeopathic medicines are prepared from minerals (Ferrum Met, Sulphur, etc), plants (Cinchona, Arnica, etc), animals (Apis mel, Lachesis, etc), disease products (Syphylinum, Hydrophobinum,etc) healthy animal tissues & secretions (Thyroidinum, Adrenaline, etc) & immaterial elements or energies (X-ray, Sun's ray, etc). Every article of food, which has some medicinal virtue, is capable of making variations in the original condition of the patient. As coffee is a commonly used beverage & Caffeine is a medicine prepared from coffee, it is advised to abstain from using coffee while taking Homoeopathic medicine. As the medicines are proved on healthy human beings, even the minutest mental disturbances could be obtained & this makes Homoeopathy the perfect healing art. Even if the name of the disease might be the same, the suffering may differ from individual to individual. As preference is given to the 'patient as a whole', for each & every case, the moods & temperaments of the patient & the 'totality of the symptoms' are considered for remedy selection & this results in the selection of different medicines for different individuals for the same disease. For eg:- The medicines given for a baby who pitiably weeps due to colic and for a quarrelsome baby who screams with the same type of colic, will be quite different! Homoeopathic medicines are edible too. As people are now aware of its absence of side effects, it is being used by millions of people all over the world. The worldwide use of Homoeopathic medicine is converting the 21st century into a 'Homoeopathic Era'.